About Us



Genesis Industrial Fasteners Ltd. was formed in 2003 to supply the NZ manufacturing industry with globally renowned Fastening Systems including Avdel® Cherry® Camcar® Avibank® Elco® Fabco® Flexalloy, and Ring Screw®.

In early 2013 Infastech joined Emhart Technologies under the onwership of Stanley Engineered Fastening. Genesis now service both North and South Islands with expert , solution minded staff, committed to getting the best result for a wide range of clients: Manufacturing, Truck Body Building, Military, Construction and more.


Avdel® is the flagship brand of Genesis Industrial Fasteners. Chosen for unsurpassed quality and innovation in Fastening System research / development and production.

The Avdel® brand name dates back over 73 years. The name is derived from 'Aviation Developments', the company's original name when it was founded in 1936 to manufacture a unique range of Speed fasteners for the burgeoning aviation industry. Today Avdel® supplies fastening solutions to many of the world's leading companies, in industry sectors as diverse as automotive, electronics, construction and appliance.

Avdels global reach is extensive, covering Brazil, Australia, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore as well as a number of authorised distribution partners and concessionaires based all over Europe in countries like Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Ireland, Belgium, Finland, Switzerland, Norway and the Netherlands to name but a few, as well as in Middle East, South America, Africa, and of course New Zealand.


Genesis Industrial Fasteners Ltd. supply the pinnacle of adhesive fastening system development in the Click Bond® range. Click Bond® is based in Carson City, Nevada, U.S.A. service a broad array of industries including Military, Aerospace, Marine, Transport and Construction with patented adhesive/mechanical fixing solutions. Click Bond® has gained an impressive list of high level projects /applications which have shaped one of the most advanced and highly developed fixing systems in the world.