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09. Klamp-tite® Rivets

The structural Klamp-Tite® aluminium rivet has a large blind-side bearing area making it an ideal rivet for use in thin sheet or low strength materials. The structural Klamp-Tite® rivet contains a visible mechanical lock to give extra strength to the joint.

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Sizes: 4.8 mm and 6.4 mm (3/16" and 1/4")
Material: Aluminium alloy
Headform: Protruding

Split tail formation spreads the tail bearing load/clamp load on the rear sheet
Ideal for use in thin sheet materials offering high resistance to pull-out loads
Multi-grip capability accommodates wide variations in material thickness
Ideal for use in very soft or brittle materials
Stem is mechanically locked into body providing very strong, vibration resistant joints
Visible lock for quick and easy inspection
Optional underhead washer provides a weather-proof seal

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Aluminium Alloy

Recommended Installation Tools
Genesis nG3
Genesis nG4