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05. Rivscrew®

The Avdel Rivscrew® Speed Fastening® system is a threaded, removable speed fastener that combines the speed of rivet placement with the benefits of being able to remove and re-fasten. Using a Rivscrew rivet removes the need for costly tapping or thread forming operation whilst creating a higher vibration resistant 'thread lock' compared to standard screws.

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Sizes: 2.8mm to 4.0mm
Material: Zinc plated steel
Headform: Dome/mushroom

Expands radially during installation to form a thread in host material.
Removable for servicing with a hex key and reusable.
Various lengths available providing high clamp loads.
Placed using a hexagon mandrel which expands the threaded diameter radially, adjacent to its six corners.
Providing a higher vibration resistant "thread lock" in the parent material compared to standard screws.
Can be used to fasten most materials up to Vickers hardness 105 Hv5.
Eliminates the need for costly tapping or thread-forming operations.
Bright tin plated steel option for ease of soldering and increase electrical conductivity.
Placed using a unique repetition mandrel system for high speed assembly.
Can be bowl fed for larger volume applications using automated equipment.

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Recommended Installation Tools
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Avdel 7537