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Large Dia. Avdelok® Lockbolts

The Avdel large diameter Avdelok® LD structural lockbolt is a heavy duty, two-piece fastener designed to provide a high strength and secure assembly. Quick and simple to place, yet it provides a long lasting, vibration proof joint. Avdelok® LD lockbolt is the ideal solution where welding, threaded fasteners or solid rivets are not suitable or practical to use.

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Sizes: 1/2" to 1" (12.7 mm to 25.4 mm); 1 1/8" (28.6 mm) optional
Material: Steel
Headform: Round; Large truss head and Countersunk upon request
Collar: Full, Flanged

Exceptional shear and tensile strength.
High speed assembly.
Consistent, high performance.
Robust and rugged tools.
Excellent vibration resistance.
Ease of inspection.
Tamper resistant.
TIR approved

Installed Avdelok® LD fasteners provide a minimum shear, tensile and pre-load strength, which is equivalent to or exceeds property class 8.8 or ASTM A-325 standards. Made to British Standard B7805: Part 2:1997, the Avdelok® LD fastener is the perfect alternative to grade 8.8 threaded fasteners, providing a permanent, high tensile friction grip joint but without the risk of loosening.



Recommended Installation Tools