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Avdel® New hydro-pneumatic tool for lockbolts & 9.6mm Monobolt

installation8-2.jpgFeaturing an innovative new hydraulic design and using the latest sealing and guiding technology, this new tool delivers unmatched fastening efficiency and dependability. It is now replacing the former Type 722 tool. High pull force and long stroke mean the 73200 tool can install all Avdel® lockbolts up to ø 10 mm (3/8"), Avbolt® fasteners up to ø 8 mm (5/16"), and Avseal® II sealing plugs up to ø 16 mm.

Key features and benefits
Latest technology bearing rings, lip seals, and wipers - Proven tool robustness, minimal oil-loss and long life
Balanced ergonomic design - Comfortable handle form and position reduces operator fatigue
Smooth cylindrical head shape - Free of protrusion for optimised assembly access
Static deflector - Fixed head length as no external moving parts
Lightweight Genesis® pneumatic trigger operation - Stress-free ergonomic actuation of tool
Forged aerospace-grade aluminium alloy head and handle - One-piece design delivers the optimum combination of low weight, strength and durability
Maraging steel head piston & air piston rod - Improved robustness and long life
Patent pending design - Innovative operation reduces shock loading during operation, and increases time before re-priming

Existing nose equipment - Uses the well-proven standard 722 series components

Specifications Weight (without nose equipment) - 4.9 kg
Pull force (@ 5.5bar) - 28.5 kN
Stroke - 21 mm
Cycle time - 3 seconds
Noise level - <75 dB(A)
Vibration - <2.5m/s²

Placing Capability
Place Avdelok® structural lockbolts from 4.8mm (3/16") to 9.6mm (3/8")
and 9.6mm (3/8") steel Monobolt®

73200_Info_Flyer - Tool Info Sheet