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6. Click Bond® CB92 Adhesive & Prep Kit (CB92)

The CB92 kit is ideal for installing 1-4 fasteners (Depending on base size)
Fully disposable, portable & very convenient for remedial work, retrofits etc.

1x Mixing Plate
1x Mixing Stick
1x Abrasive Pad
1x CB911 Solvent Wipe
1x CB200 3.5g Adhesive Sachet

Adhesive Features
Exceptional adherence to vast array of materials
Fast Cure time
Very High Lap-Shear Strength
Very High Peel Strength
Easy Flowing from nozzle

Max Performance Specifications (used on aluminium)
Lap Shear @ 24deg C. 32,405 kPa
Peel Strength @ 24deg C. 2,101 N/100mm
Time to handling strength: 15min @ 24 deg C.
Full Cure time: 80min @ 24 deg C.

Note: Not recommended for adherence to Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Teflon, Silicone.

Info Downloads
Material Safety Data
cb911_Solvent Wipe.MSDS

Adhesive Performance Data

Fastener Drawing/ Specs

Image Downloads
CB92.Adhesive.prep kit.JPG