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1. Click Bond® Stud (CN200)

Base diameter 2"
Maxi Holding Capacity (with CB200 adhesive) 4000lb (1800kg) Shear / 1700lb (770kg) Tension
Metric & Imperial (UNF) Threads available
304 or 316 Stainless Steel Base & Stud
Carrier: Rectangular Centre-Click style

Features / Benefits of Clickbond® fasteners
No Welding required = No heat damage/ hotwork / Thermal stress.
No Drilling preserves integrity of sheet materials or structures.
No Interference with thermal properties at fixing point.
Bonding Facilitates safe use of dissimilar materials/metals.
May be placed onto painted and powdercoat.
Removable & Replaceable.
No-Mess Carriers to manage curing process.
Fuel & Fluid resistant materials allow use in harsh environments.

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Material Safety Data
cb911_Solvent Wipe.MSDS

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