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04. Double Flush Chobert® Speed

The Double Flush Chobert® rivet is a Speed Fastening® rivet with countersunk head for use in exceptionally thin sheet materials. Based on the Avdel Chobert® design, it's specifically developed for use in the electronics industry.

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Size: 3.2 mm (1/8") diameter
Material: Steel with Zinc clear passivation
Head Form: Countersunk

Flush surface on both sides of the component.
Reduces excess space requirements within the chassis.
Common hole form can be used throughout the chassis design to reduce complexity.
Can be installed from either direction if accessible.
Expands radially in the material during installation.
Provides superior joint strength when compared to competitive technologies.
One-piece fastener eliminates potential stem fall out that can cause electrical problems.
Speed Fastening® rapid installation with magazine or bowl feed fasteners.

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Recommended Installation Tools
Avdel 7350
Avdel 7537