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Fastriv® Self-Piercing Rivet System

Avdel's Fastriv® Self-Piercing Rivet system is engineered to pierce and fasten in one operation, simplifying assembly and reducing costs while providing a strong, reliable joint. The Avdel Fastriv rivet allows dissimilar materials to be fastened easing automation and providing consistent, high joint strength, comparable to spot welds and other mechanical fastening methods. This self-piercing rivet offers fastening without piercing through the back substrate.

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Sizes: 3.2 mm, 3.9 mm, 4.8 mm.
Materials: Steel, zinc plated & stainless steel.
Headforms: Dome, countersunk and tinman.
Poke style: Chamfered and square.
Customized fasteners can be produces on special request, e.g. ø 5.3 mm, longer lengths, different heat treats.

Please note that optimal performance is dependent on material thickness and hardness. Testing is required to determine proper rivet selection and die configuration as well as tooling for specific applications. Please contact an Avdel application engineer for assistance.

Excellent fastening system for joining dissimilar materials, pre-coated sheets or layered materials.
Pierce and fasten in one operation, eliminating need for insertion holes and alignment.
Eases automation requirements.
No heat affected zone created in the assembly process.
Provides consistent, high joint strength, comparable to spot welds and other mechanical fastening methods.
Clean assembly process - no fumes, sparks or swarf generated in joining process.
Self-sealing: rivet radially expands into material, without breaking through substrate.
Process load monitoring can be incorporated into installation tooling system to track and notify operator of variances in joint.

Fastriv® info Downloads
Info sheet:
Rivtex_MDS Equipment Brochure.pdf (3.2MB)

Recommended Installation Tools
Autoriv Launch Package.pdf(18.5 Mb)