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Click Bond® CB200 2 part 40ml Cartridge

The CB200-40 cartridge efficiently places numerous Click Bond fasteners. Just clip it into your CB0100 Dispenser then fit your CB106 Mixing Nozzle, and you're ready to mix and dispense CB200 two-part acrylic.

Adhesive Features
Exceptional adherence to vast array of materials
Fast Cure time
Very High Lap-Shear Strength
Very High Peel Strength
Easy Flowing from nozzle

Max Performance Specifications (used on aluminium)
Lap Shear @ 24deg C. 32,405 kPa
Peel Strength @ 24deg C. 2,101 N/100mm
Time to handling strength: 15min @ 24 deg C.
Full Cure time: 80min @ 24 deg C.

Note: Not recommended for adherence to Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Teflon, Silicone.

Info Downloads
Material Safety Data
cb911_Solvent Wipe.MSDS

Adhesive Performance Data