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Camtainer® Structural Panel Fasteners

Camtainer® nuts and bolts are a versatile family of unique fasteners that provide positive sealing, tamper resistance, protection against corrosion and leakage and one-man installation with simple, low cost tools.

One-person installation.
Positive high torque and excellent structural strength.
Reduces maintenance cost.
Increased resistance to corrosion and impact.
Seals out moisture.
Resists loosening from vibration and expansion/contraction.
Improved appearance with molded head.

Sizes: 8.0 (5/16")
Nut and Bolt: Low carbon steel to SAE 1022
Seal: Thermoplastic elastomer (Kraton)
Headforms: Low Profile/ Dome

Low-profile head on both sides
CAMGRIP® epoxy on threads for back-out resistance
Under-head seal
TORX® Drive flanged nut
Knurled shoulder to resist turning

Data sheet downloads
Steel Camtainer.pdf


Recommended Installation Tools
Torx Key & Mallet