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Grovit® Speed Fasteners

The Avdel Grovit® Speed Fastening® system has been used since the sixties and has been continually developed by Avdel for blind hole applications in wood, plastics, fibreglass and aluminium. The Grovit rivet also has the flexibility to be used in harder substrates. The grooves on the Grovit rivet provide an increased pull out resistance.

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Sizes: 2.4mm to 4.0mm (3/32" to 5/32")
Materials: Aluminium alloy and steel
Headforms: Dome/mushroom or countersunk

Annular grooves on the body expand radially during installation to provide a vibration resistant joint and increased pull-out resistance.
Suitable for blind hole applications.
Placed using a unique repetition mandrel system for high speed assembly.

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Aluminium Alloy


Recommended Installation Tools
Avdel 7350
Avdel 7537