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Avdel® eRiv Battery Riveting Tool

installation17-2.jpgThe Avdel eRiv® battery tool combines lightweight with robust construction to provide dependable riveting in all situations and locations = 100 % portable riveting.

Watch the eRiv® Riveter in use. Click here

Lightest in class
Toughened Nylon body and heavy duty rubber base withstands impact
Nose tip holds rivet
Ergonomic Rubber grip on handle

nG2 Specifications
Balanced ergonomic design - comfortable to hold, reducing operator fatigue
Powerful lithium-ion battery - for extended endurance
Tapered nose equipment - improves access
Stem retaining feature - holds rivet when using tool in a 'nose down' position
Includes 3 commonly used nose tips - places a wide range of breakstem rivet sizes
Light trigger operation - reduces operator fatigue
Advanced electrical circuit - increased motor life, increased number of fasteners placed per charge
Quick-release stem collector - easy operation, reduced time to empty collector

Placing Capability
Weight (without battery) - 1.59 kg
Pull force - 9.0 kN
Stroke (min.) - 21 mm
Cylcle time (approx.at full stroke) - 2 secs
Noise level - 78.8 dB(A)
Vibration - <2.5 m/s²
Battery - 14.4 V Li-ion
Charge time - 60 mins
Weight 1.5 Ah battery (standard) - 0.33 kg
Weight 3.0 Ah battery (accessory) - 0.55 kg
The standard tool kit consists of:
Battery powered tool
Nose assembly and three nose tips
Battery and charger
These are housed in a durable storage case.
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Placing Capability
Breakstem rivets up to ø 5.0 mm.
For detailed tool information and placing capability please refer to the eRiv B10 Manual or contact us